• About A.B. Fans - Industrial Fan Manufacturer in West Midlands
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Here at AB Fans we have years of experience when it comes to the intricate design and manufacturing of our high quality industrial fans. We are situated right within the heart of the West Midlands in Dudley.

Our team of skilled professional engineers have years of experience in designing and developing top of the range fan systems including Axial, Centrifugal and extremely robust Industrial fans. We only use the latest technology including state of the art CAD/CAM design apparatus in order to create high quality fans with a long service of life.

Recognised around the world as a leading Fan Manufacturer, we continue to constantly develop and evolve our designs and systems in order to be the best in the industry. Not only do we design and manufacture these state of the art Fan systems, we also provide a professional installation and repair service, making sure we are always on hand if ever you need us.

We select, design, manufacture and supply a wide range of centrifugal and axial flow fans for all types of applications including material handling, high pressure, high volume, contaminated air and high temperature, all from 150mm to over 2500mm diameter in a range of materials including mild steel and stainless steel.

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